Search quality articles from these Top 10 Best Financial News portal (using Google GenAI Enterprise Search App Builder)

In the realm of finance, staying informed is crucial. To help you access high-quality articles, we present a curated list of the top 10 financial news portals. These sources have established themselves as reliable outlets and insightful content. Stay informed, make informed decisions, and explore the world of finance through these reputable sources. Source of … Read more

Cheat sheet of the services available on AWS, Google Cloud and Azure

Here is our cloud services cheat sheet of the services available on AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. The list is broken down by category to help you start your cross-cloud analysis. Complete list can be seen from here: AI and machine learning AWS Azure Google Cloud AI containers AWS Deep Learning Containers GPU support … Read more

Deploy a secure serverless architecture (+terraform)

Please refer to Secure Serverless Blueprint Guide and accompanying Terraform repo update for more detail. Serverless architectures enable customers to avoid the time-consuming process of applying security patches, controls  and agents to the underlying operating system and application servers.  The responsibility for safeguarding the data center, network, servers, operating systems, and their configurations is shifted … Read more

Design and step by step to build your Google Cloud Landing Zone (Organization – Folders – Projects)

Some of my customers ask about best practice/reference on how to design an organization for their Google Cloud environment. This is one of the best sample on how to design this: Example Organization Your Organization – Folders – Projects Explanation of the strategy can be read from here: Step by step on how to … Read more

Resources, including code and templates, that can be used to deploy cloud resources in recommended configurations

Resources, including code and templates, that can be used to deploy cloud resources in recommended configurations. Deployable blueprints Security foundations deployable assets Terraform modules that can be composed to build a security-centric Google Cloud foundation. The supplied structure and code is a starting point with pragmatic defaults based on our guide. You can customize the scripts … Read more

Google Cloud security best practices

During my interaction with customers and partners, best practice and guidance always been asked by them. Best practices guides provide specific, informed guidance on helping secure Google Cloud deployments and describe recommended configurations, architectures, suggested settings, and other operational advice. This is one of the most comprehensive guide to ensure Security is properly implemented in … Read more

How to protect your website using Google Cloud Armor as Web Application Firewall

Some typical questions that I often get from customers is how to protect your web application against DDoS attack, forcing HTTPS, implementing OWASP 10 protection ([SQL] Injection, Broken authentication, Sensitive data exposure, XML external entities (XXE), Broken access control, Security misconfiguration, Cross-site scripting (XSS), Insecure deserialization, using components with known vulnerabilities, insufficient logging & monitoring). … Read more

How to run WordPress on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Standard

This tutorial shows you how to set up a single-replica WordPress deployment on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) using a MySQL database. Instead of installing MySQL, you use Cloud SQL, which provides a managed version of MySQL. WordPress uses PersistentVolumes (PV) and PersistentVolumeClaims (PVC) to store data. Objectives Create a GKE cluster. Create a PV and a PVC backed by Persistent Disk. Create a Cloud SQL for … Read more