The Detail Specification about My New Toy : BARCAFOREVER-PC


Hi Folks,

Recently, I purchased my new Toys. Now, I have enough toys to play with and to improve my self. So, let’s Rock and Roll!

– My new BARCAFOREVER-PC Desktop Computer
– My old apple MacBook Pro
– My apple iPad 3rd Gen
– My Samsung Galaxy Note 1st Gen
– My apple iPod 4th Gen

Right now, I want to show up my New Toy. Yup, it is BARCAFOREVER-PC.
These are the Spec :
– Processor : Intel Core i7 3770K Ivy Bridge 4 Core @2 Thread 3,8 GHz 
– Memory : V-Gen DDR3 16 GB
– VGA Card : Digital Alliance NVidia GeForce 2 GB 128 Bit
– Disk : SATA III Seagate 2 TB
– Motherboard : Gigabyte LGA 1155
– DVD : Samsung DVD Writer 
– Webcam and Mic : Logitech C120
– Casing : Simbadda Simcool
– Keyboard and Mouse : Logitech MK200
– Monitor : LG LED 22″ Full HD + TV
– SSD (plan)
– UPS (plan)
– Wireless Router : TP-LINK
– Modem : ProLink HSPA
– Joystick : Wireless Havit

That’s it! Let’s Play!
And Do some Heavy IT Research and Development on it!
Best Regards,
Doddi Priyambodo

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