Oracle Database 11gR2 Performance Tuning di AIX 7.1

Ada beberapa mekanisme untuk melakukan tuning Oracle Database, diantaranya adalah :
1. Oracle with Default Tuning (only Pre-Req, SGA and PGA, or AMM)
2. (+) Tuning OS
3. (+) Tuning Oracle Parameter (spfile / init.ora)
4. (+) Tuning Oracle Datafiles configuration, etc
5. (+) Tuning SQL Query (includes: index, partitioning, profiling, hints, etc)
6. (+) Tuning Hardware (Storage configuration, Network configuration, etc)
1). Oracle with Default Tuning
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2,3). Tuning OS AIX dan Tuning Oracle Parameter
Beberapa sub bagian yang bisa dituning, yaitu :
1. Memory Tuning
2. CPU Tuning
3. I/O Tuning
4. Network Tuning
5. Miscelanious Tuning
4,5,6). Tuning Datafiles, SQL, Hardware
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