Hyperconverge Battle Blogs Recap – Performance Test

Just a recap, these are some public materials, regarding VMware Virtual SAN vs competitor as Hyperconverge battle continues.
VSAN vs Nutanix Head-to-Head Performance Testing — Part 1
VSAN vs Nutanix Head-to-Head Performance Testing — Part 2
VSAN vs Nutanix Head-to-Head Performance Testing — Part 3
VSAN vs. Nutanix — Head-to-Head Performance Testing — Part 4 — Exchange!
VSAN and The Joys Of Head-to-Head Performance Testing
Virtual SAN 6.0 Performance with VMware VMmark
VMware Virtual SAN Review: Overview and Configuration
VMware Virtual SAN Review: VMmark Performance
VMware Virtual SAN Review: Sysbench OLTP Performance
VMware Virtual SAN Review: SQL Server Performance
Why We Don’t Have a Nutanix NX-8150 Review
Other Blogs:
Btw, do you realise that there is an EULA for one of the competitor, stated that:
2.1. Limitations on Use.
You must not use the Software or Documentation except as permitted by this Agreement. You must not:

  1. disclose the results of testing, benchmarking or other performance or evaluation information related to the Software or the product to any third party without the prior written consent of Nutanix;
  2. access or use the Software or Documentation for any competitive purposes (e.g. to gain competitive intelligence; to design or build a competitive product or service, or a product providing features, functions or graphics similar to those used or provided by Nutanix; to copy any features, functions or graphics; or to monitor availability, performance or functionality for competitive purposes);

Men!!! Talk about transparency… How can we measure the competitiveness then? referring that EULA.
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