Configure your e-Mail using AWS Workmail, Active Directory, Route53, Cloudfront

In this blog, I just would like to give you high level step by step and references if you would like to host your domain’s email (webmail, mail accounts) using AWS Workmail. I used this methods to host my email account.

  1. Configure your domain to be hosted on AWS Route53
  2. Create an Active DIrectory (use SimpleAD if you have small number of users) from AWS Directory service menu
  3. Create Add Organization from AWS Workmail service menu. Choose standard setup and choose your created directory above
  4. Create Add Domains in the AWS Workmail menu. Choose the domain that you have purchased earlier (hosted in Route53)
  5. Configure your Autodiscover so you can configure your email easily (without entering manual server) via mobile via Route53 and Cloudfront (ex: IOS, Android) –
  6. Open your webmail to use your mail (you can also redirect your to this email.

Check the complete reference from:

Thanks in advance.

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Doddi Priyambodo

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