Today, I am moving my blog to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) !

As stated in the title, today I am moving my blog from Master Web Network to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

So, this article is to explain on step by step how to create WordPress on :
– Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
– Google Compute Engine (GCE)
– Google App Engine
– Google Cloud Run

Official Googe Doc for GKE =

Official Google Doc for GCE = Run WordPress on App Engine standard environment (

Unofficial using GCE = Template guidance to deploy on single VM and add free SSL: & Free SSL Certificate Setup for WordPress on Google Cloud (Click-to-Deploy) – One Page Zen

Unofficial using GCE = Manual installation on GCE : ; add paid SSL : (but I prefer to configure SSL via Google Managed Certificate (free) and attach to load balancer)

Official Google Doc for AppEngine = Run WordPress on App Engine standard environment (

Unofficial using Cloud Run =

My professional career has changed recently. I will join Google Cloud Platform at 19 July 2021, moving from Amazon Web Service (AWSome experience there!).

Excited on my new adventure. Trying to make a lot of positive impacts again ahead!

Kind Regards,
Doddi Priyambodo

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