S3 Copy Command

It’s just some quick command if you would like to copy to and from S3. aws s3 ls s3://mys3bucket/folder/subfolder/aws s3 cp s3://mys3bucket/folder/subfolder/testfile . aws s3 cp s3://mys3bucket/folder/subfolder . –recursive aws s3 cp –recursive s3://mys3bucket/folder s3://mys3target/folder There is also a good s3 copy command that you can use: Note: If you would like to do …

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Checking whether your mail sent will go to spam folder?

Some references to it can be read from: Also, you can utilize or other tool such as Some tips are putting this on your DNS Best,Doddi

Build AWS Environment to Comply PCI-DSS

These are some references to support the PCI-DSS comply: References Step by Step: Source Code: AWS Quickstart doc: Best Regards,Doddi Priyambodo