Best Practice Guide untuk menjalankan JAVA di atas VMware vSphere

vSphere saat ini sudah sangat bisa diandalkan untuk dapat menjalankan berbagai macam Business Critical Applications, dari berbagai macam programming language seperti Java, .NET, dan lain-lain. Database system dengan load yang tinggi seperti Billing, Analytics, dan lain-lain juga dapat didukung dengan sangat baik di vSphere baik menggunakan Oracle Database, SQL Server, dan lain-lain. Selain dapat memberikan performance … Read more

Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 Compare to other Editions

If you read this blog, I also have specific part talking about Oracle Database. Several years ago actually I was also an Oracle Database Administrator for Oracle 9i, 10gR2, and 11gR2 doing operational such as architecture design, deployment, performance tuning, backup, replication, clustering, and PL/SQL programming. But, currently I found cloud technology is more interesting than on-premise … Read more

Why do we need to Virtualize our Oracle Database

Usually customer would like to expand the benefits that they already achieved using virtualization (financial, business and operational benefits of virtualization within its operating environment) to another level. For example to Business Critical Applications such as Oracle Database, thereby reaping the many benefits and advantages through its adoption of this infrastructure. Customer aims to achieve … Read more

Pengetesan Performance untuk Oracle Database (Oracle DB Stress Test)

Pengetesan performance untuk Oracle Database sering diperlukan untuk melakukan benchmark antara system yang ada, atau jika kita ingin mengganti ke system yang baru. Kita tidak ingin performance dengan system yang baru akan lebih buruk dengan system yang lama kan. Berikut ini adalah beberapa cara yang biasa digunakan untuk melakukan pengetesan performance tersebut, selain dari mekanisme … Read more

Fight the FUD – Oracle Licensing and Support on VMware vSphere

In this post I will copy-paste one of the Best reading for Virtualizing Business Critical Applications from Michael Webster’s blog. This can explain that Oracle Database can be virtualized in VMware! Enjoy! These are the source : —-   I keep hearing stories from Customers and Prospects where Oracle appears to be … Read more